About the Trust

Transforming Lives Educational Trust grew out of a partnership between an outstanding secondary school and a partner primary school in Rugby, Warwickshire. The desire to work together arose from continuing population growth in the local community, our belief that we can shape and influence practice wider than our current schools, and the desire to provide the community with more high quality school places.

At the heart of our moral purpose is the belief (the responsibility) that we can transform lives through learning. We can forge opportunities, raise standards for all and shape lives in our community. We believe that leadership and learning are inseparable. By creating a learning culture, leaders can build identity and drive belonging and purpose for individuals and communities. 

Our Strategic Aims

  • To ensure that all academies are high achieving with exceptional outcomes.
  • To ensure we are a community of excellence by providing world class learning opportunities.
  • To celebrate and maintain the richness, diversity and uniqueness of our academies communities.
  • To promote mutual support, encouragement, and benefit between all our schools.
  • To develop and reinforce the values, skills and attributes that promote good citizenship and lifelong learning.
  • To develop, as the foundation of excellence, a strong culture of professional development amongst our staff and leaders.
  • To insist on the responsible use of resources to maximise the reach and impact of our academies and Trust.