About Our Trust

Transforming Lives Educational Trust

The Transforming Lives Educational Trust (TLET) was established in October 2016 and is a Charitable Trust and Company Limited by Guarantee. TLET grew out of a partnership between a high-performing secondary school and primary school in Rugby, Warwickshire. The desire to work together arose from continuing population growth in the local community, our belief that we can shape and influence practice wider than our current schools, and the desire to provide the community with more high-quality school places.  The Trust currently comprises of a secondary academy, Ashlawn and an infant academy, Henry Hinde, with the addition of an established Teaching School Alliance, a sponsored junior academy, Henry Hinde Juniors, and a secondary free school, Houlton School, due to open in Rugby in 2021. Currently we are responsible for approximately 2200 children and young people, 350 employees and £13m of public money.


Our Vision

The Transforming Lives Educational Trust believes in the transformative power of learning and its singular ability to broaden horizons, deepen perspectives and extend potential. We want our family of academies to provide a springboard for our children, young people and staff so that they become exemplary citizens who strive to stretch their potential and become transformers in a diverse and ever-changing world.


Our Principles

Ensuring the Quality of Teaching and Learning – we shall do this through: 

  • implementation of best practice and proactively raising standards
  • collective accountability for pupil/student progress, attainment and enrichment
  • currency of occupational competence and professional development
  • child-centred funding-enabled learning NOT funding-driven enabled learning


Ensuring an Inspiring Learning Environment – we shall do this through:

  • establishing a culture based on openness, respect, integrity, and inclusivity
  • application of innovative systems of learning and pedagogy
  • resourcing according to learning and educational demand
  • utilisation of best-fit learning environments within and across the Trust


Ensuring Financial Viability – we shall do this through:

  • driving efficiency through funding leverage and economies of scale
  • operating shared central and/or distributed services
  • managing through approved and monitored call down budgets
  • setting financial KPIs and efficiency metrics


Our Values

To help us fulfil our vision, we have a number of core values that drive all that we do. These serve as our guiding principles and should be nurtured for their own sake. We believe that our values stand the test of time and allow us to stay true to our purpose.

Our values are built around five key beliefs that we believe make us trustworthy by everyone within, or considering joining, TLET. We believe that trusted relationships should underpin all that we do and achieve, and we place no higher importance than that on our values. Put simply, we aim for others to have trust in the Trust.


Tend the team – listening to, sharing with and learning from others so that we nurture the potential of all (loyalty)

Reach for excellence – only comparing ourselves to the best – seeking to match and then surpass it (excellence)

Utilise innovation – seeking forefront thinking and creativity, and leading the change (courage)

Seize success – holding on to our mission and building on our achievements (tenacity)

Thank as you go – recognising the contribution of others to the Trust’s successes (kindness)


TRUST therefore helps us ensure that the organisational behaviours across our family of academies are consistent and of the highest standard. We expect all our academies to abide by these values, especially when making difficult decisions – indeed, no value is more or less important than another, and all need to be upheld in our day-to-day behaviours and actions.

TRUST helps us to do just that – to provide all staff and learners, especially those new to TLET, guidance on how we do things. It is our moral compass and guides us, helping us to realise success in being the best we can be.


Our Strategic Aims

Below are listed the core objectives for the Trust. It is the responsibility of all employed and associated with the organisation to work towards the furtherance of these objectives:

  • Our children achieve more, and make better progress, by attending a TLET academy than would otherwise be expected.
  • Others within and beyond the education sector hold our academies, and the Trust, in the highest regard.
  • Our accommodation and premises are safe, well maintained and with facilities that are constantly improving.
  • Infrastructure and management systems are effective and cohesive, underpinned by sound financial management.
  • Our Trust has at least seven operational academies, with due regard to growing responsibly, sustainably and with a mix of primary and secondary phases.


In addition, we are also proud to have the Ashlawn Teaching School as the professional development centre for schools, academies and trusts in the Midlands. Our purpose is to provide high quality training, support and induction for the teaching profession.