What is being proposed?

Houlton CofE Multi Academy Trust (MAT) presently maintains and operates St. Gabriel’s CofE Academy at Houlton, a new housing development on the edge of Rugby. Transforming Lives Educational Trust (TLET) currently operate Ashlawn School and Henry Hinde Infant School, with Henry Hinde Junior School due to transfer into the Trust in the near future. In addition, TLET are to open a secondary free school on the Houlton development in September 2021. Transforming Lives Educational Trust (TLET) and Houlton CofE MAT would like to merge to become one Trust operating under the name Transforming Lives Educational Trust. The Regional School’s Commissioner, who has the authority to approve, looks upon the proposed merger favourably.

Why do both Trusts want to merge?

Houlton CofE MAT was created with the intention of providing a Trust for all schools on the Houlton development site. St. Gabriel’s CofE Academy was the first of these academies to open on the development, offering primary school provision. Transforming Lives Educational Trust has been granted permission to open a secondary free school in Rugby and the identified site for this school is on the Houlton development. This will be the only secondary school provision on the development. This has led to a discussion between Houlton CofE MAT and TLET about merging the two trusts to create one MAT. The merger will create a family of high quality schools with a consistent educational approach, which respects each school’s distinctiveness to allow for parental choice in provision across the development from 0 -19 years of age. Houlton CofE MAT will not have the capacity, without the ability to bid for the secondary school on the site, to deliver this vision alone and this has led to the proposal of a merger with TLET.

What will change?

The newly formed MAT will operate under the TLET name with a restructured system of governance to include a church majority at Members level and a strengthened Board of Trustees, which will draw on the expertise of both Trusts’ existing boards. Academies within the new MAT will continue to have Local Governing Bodies, which will include parent and staff representatives, who will follow a Scheme of Delegated Authority from the Board of Trustees.

St. Gabriel’s CofE Academy, which has a faith designation, will continue to be a CofE school and subject to SIAMS inspection. Non-faith schools within the TLET will not become faith designated as a result of the merger. Future academies wishing to join TLET can be either faith designated or non-faith designated providing a MAT choice for maintained faith and non-faith designated schools, and standalone academies with or without faith designation.

How does the merger benefit the communities these academies serve?

There are a number of benefits to pupils and the wider community as a result of this merger. Principally, pupils’ progress will be secured through the quality assurance of educational approaches, policies and procedures of a unified MAT. This will provide for effective transition between key stages and schools, and will have a positive impact on all pupils’ continued progress, but especially vulnerable pupils, such as disadvantaged and pupils with SEND, who will be known within the Trust family. Parents and carers will have confidence in TLET academies because of the clarity and consistency of the schooling offer and the enduring relationships that can be developed over time as their children progress through TLET academies.

Academy leaders and their staff will benefit from established Trust-wide investment training and other networking and CPD opportunities, including joint planning, leadership development programs and secondments to identify and

develop future leaders. The TLET Teaching Alliance at Ashlawn School will play a pivotal role in delivering this school improvement strategy across the newly merged Trust.

When is the proposed merger anticipated to take place?

The proposed date of the merger is 1st September 2019.

How do I share my thoughts and questions about the proposed merger?

We are keen to receive any comments or questions you might have about the proposed merger. You can share your comments and questions at:


The consultation period started on 14th March 2019 and will close on 25th April 2019 and is extended to staff in both Trusts, Chairs of Governors of local schools, parents and carers of pupils attending St. Gabriel’s CofE Primary School and the Company Director of the Teaching Alliance.

Following this, we will summarise comments received and make a written response published on the TLET website at www.tlet.org.uk


We look forward to hearing from you.


Mr Stewart Jardine                                        Mr Douglas Tribe

Chair of Trustees                                           Chair of Trustees
Transforming Lives Educational Trust.   Houlton CofE Multi-Academy Trust