Classrooms across Henry Hinde Infant School in Bilton looked slightly different today, as pupils and staff showed their love of reading as part of World Book Day celebrations.

Instead of seeing school uniforms and the usual smiling faces, teachers have been standing in front of classes containing superheroes, villains and fairy tale princesses as children dressed up as their favourite literary characters.

Every child, from Reception to Year 2, chose a character from one of their favourite books to dress up as. They brought in their books, shared them with their classes and listened to staff talk about their favourite stories.

There was also the opportunity for a whole school ‘story swap around’, so that pupils could read each other’s favourite books.

Fleur Edwards, Principal at Henry Hinde Infant School, said: “Everyone has had a fabulous day celebrating the joy of reading.

“Today has created a real excitement around stories and it has been wonderful to hear the pupils talking about the books they love.”