Purpose and Values

Our educational ethos flows from the belief that education is transformative. Our academies have the responsibility to lead their communities in transforming lives by raising aspiration. Our ethos is encompassed in three statements:

Education is at the heart of building community

Our academies are comprehensive through aspiration, where students achieve despite their differing start points and become lifelong learners and active global citizens. Our academies shape as well as serve the community.

Education is an individual endeavour which flourishes in a team environment

Every student is an individual. Our academies use tried and tested assessment and progress tracking methods to quantify abilities and identify needs to provide individual education plans which encourage aspiration, the development of a growth mindset and provide appropriate challenge to drive progress and achievement.

Education secures social cohesion

Our academies reflect and celebrate the diversity in their communities. We provide co-educational ‘truly’ comprehensive education where families and communities learn together and there are no barriers to access or aspiration.


We will focus on building partnerships within local geographical areas. Our unique position, in the meeting point of three counties, (Warwickshire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire) means that we can form partnerships across county boundaries, which remain geographically close.

We favour a hub model for growth where we encourage schools outside our current geographical hubs to join alongside another local school to create local hubs. Once local hubs have been created we intend to specialise in expansion or new school projects to meet local basic need. We have developed expertise in preparing and submitting expansion and free school bids and monitoring and predicting local basic need opportunities.

Synergy in ethos and values is paramount in establishing a partnership with new schools in the TLET. We believe that new schools should be commissioned by local educators who understand the local context, and who are attracted to the vision, values and ethos of the TLET. Joining schools will seek a learning culture that is underpinned by the promotion of constructive working partnerships in order to achieve aspiration and challenge, and inclusivity and independence.

Leadership and Governance

The TLET Board and Trustees are experts within relevant professions who are values driven and whose overriding concern is the strengthening of communities through its pupils, students and staff.

School improvement is a primary focus of the trust. We believe that improvement is caused through a balance of accountability and professional development. Rigorous accountability measures are set for all schools in the chain with defined minimum progress targets and progress towards these being measured regularly via a Raising Achievement Board. The RAB ensures that robust improvement plans are in place and success criteria are monitored throughout the year.