TLET Standards

We want our family of academies to be recognised as the most forward-thinking and innovative organisations within the communities they serve, providing a springboard for our children, young people, and staff so that they become exemplary citizens who strive to stretch their potential and become transformers in a diverse and ever-changing world.

Our values of loyalty, excellence, bravery, tenacity, and kindness act as our guide as we pursue this vision.

Our TLET Standards run as golden threads through the Trust’s work. They are intentionally easy to grasp yet encapsulate TLET’s relentless drive to push the horizon of academy improvement. Uppermost, is our organisation’s unity and total commitment as one team, one goal to transform the life chances of others. This is firmly predicated on everyone having the highest expectations of themselves and others all of the time by making sure we deliver the best daily deal, every day.

We believe in the continuum of improvement and have confidence in our own agency to affect change and, where improvements can be made, we see it, own it, sort it, with no excuses. Crucially, we respond to the needs of the communities we serve, and this is the cornerstone of our decision-making so if it’s important to you, it’s important to us – we care.

We have lots of learning and you get smarter and smarter each time you learn!
Pupil - Henry Hinde Infant School