Pupils explore outer space

Pupils explore outer space

Year 5 pupils from Henry Hinde Junior School took off on an exciting trip to the National Space Centre in Leicester to find out about the many wonders of outer space.

The day was full of adventure with lots of fun activities for everyone to take part in, from a space rocket simulation to exploring a rocket capsule, pupils also had the chance to move the Mars Rover across terrain as well as investigating gravity on other planets.

During their visit, there was also the opportunity for pupils to see a giant planet Earth, the UK’s biggest domed planetarium and 42-metre rocket tower before learning about what life is like as an astronaut.

As 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the first successful space mission to the moon by Nasa’s Apollo 11, it was also a fantastic time to find out more about the history of Space exploration.

Rachael Allen, Principal at Henry Hinde Junior School, said: “Our trip to the National Space Centre really helped to bring learning from the classroom to life for our pupils.

“It was wonderful to see the children being inspired to develop a love for science and outer space, with so many interactive challenges and activities for the pupils to enjoy everyone learnt so much from a very memorable day.”