Students celebrate “outstanding achievements” at Ashlawn School

Students celebrate “outstanding achievements” at Ashlawn School

Students at Ashlawn School have been applauded for their efforts and dedication after securing a set of GCSE results that have sparked huge celebrations across the school.

James Wilkins was celebrating after achieving seven Grade 9s in Geography, Maths, German, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Computer Science as well as one Grade 8 and one Grade 7. He said: “I’m really happy with my results, they were what I was hoping for but you’re never sure until you see them written down. I’m looking forward to moving on to Ashlawn School’s Sixth Form, the teachers here are amazing and have been so supportive throughout.”

Aimear Wolstenholme was also over the moon with her results when she secured seven Grade 9s in Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, German, History and Drama as well as two Grade 8s and one Grade 7. She said: “Wow, I’m so happy! I was thrilled that I got a Grade 9 in History I really didn’t expect that. I’m looking forward to celebrating with my family with a trip to Oxford this afternoon.”

Sian Thomas, who achieved six Grade 8s, four Grade 7s and a B in Further Maths was delighted with her results. She said: “I had a sleepless night last night, so I’m relieved to finally have my results. I did as well as I wanted to do, so I’m really happy.”

Ethan Porter achieved Grade 9s in Maths and English Literature, Grade 8s in Further Maths, Biology, Physics, Business Studies and French and Grade 7s in Chemistry, Geography, English Language and Media Studies. He said: “The exams were really intense, but the support from my teachers has been brilliant they have really helped me this year, I can’t thank them enough. I definitely did better than I expected, I was really happy with Maths and I was so nervous about my English results too so I’m very relieved with my final results. I’m looking forward to celebrating with friends and family later.”

Ana Gomes couldn’t stop smiling when she found out that she had achieved three Grade 9s in Biology, Psychology and French, six Grade 8s and a B in Further Maths. She said: “I am so pleased! I did so much better than I expected, particularly in Biology, I am really proud of myself because I worked so hard. I’m looking forward to staying at Ashlawn School Sixth Form to study Biology, Chemistry and Psychology.”

Daniel Collins was also celebrating when he achieved Grade 9s in Chemistry and Geography as well as six Grade 8s and two Grade 7s. He said: “I didn’t really think about results day until I was on the way to school this morning, then it sank in. I’m pleased with my results, especially Geography as I never dreamt I would achieve a Grade 9.”

Alice Thorne was delighted to find out that she had achieved one Grade 8, two Grade 7s, four Grade 6s and two Grade 5s, she said: “I was so pleased with my results, particularly English Literature as I was so close to achieving a Grade 9. I am looking forward to starting Sixth Form at Ashlawn, then going on to university.”

Siobhan Evans, Principal at Ashlawn School, said: “It has been fantastic to see so many outstanding achievements today. To see our students achieving their personal best, after working so hard, is incredible and I look forward to welcoming so many of our students back to Sixth Form in September.

“I would like to thank parents and family members as well as our staff for the relentless support they have provided for our students this year, it has been invaluable and it is wonderful to celebrate as a community together today.”